Intеrnational touring, producing, designing and organizing cultural programs and
international events

For many years, the ConsArta Agency has been organizing tours, and producing
and participating in the organization of events at every level, including federal. The
agency is well known in both Russia and abroad.

ConsArta also organizes exhibitions and tours for ballet campaigns very orchestras,
choirs and folk ensembles in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore,
Italy, Poland, Belgium, the UK, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus and the Baltic countries.
We work with important clients
The scale of ConsArta's projects is reflected in one of our most successful to date.

We organized the opening ceremony and designed the cultural part (gala concert) of the Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Social Cohesion.
The conference was attended by representatives from over 40 countries, hundreds of guests and the country's senior officials.

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